in your life begins with embracing the divine feminine within you. 

joy, pleasure, and purpose

attracting boundless

I know you feel it. The pull to stop putting your dream life on hold. Because the truth is, you deserve every damn good thing this beautiful life has to offer. 

claim it.

This is your sign to let your intuition light the way because she’s leading you to exactly where you’re meant to be.

 …instead of wondering what it would be like to be her. 

Now is your time to finally step into the woman you’ve always
dreamed of embodying


→ Friends/family would describe you as a highly sensitive, intuitive, sometimes inward but passionate, caring, and thoughtful/smart, nonetheless woman with so much to offer. 

→ Right now, you live a life centered around supporting others.

→ So naturally, “luxuries” like self-care and inner work are not really in the picture.

→ Which has, over time, left you feeling depleted. Drained. And, to be honest, just done. 

→ At the same time, you’re struggling to carry the increasingly heavy emotional baggage/trauma you’ve been so skillfully avoiding all the while.

→ But you care a lot about your people. And recently, something has shifted. 
You’ve realized that those flight attendants have been right all along—If you don’t put on your own oxygen mask first before securing others’ one makes it out unscathed. 

→ So, while you’re not exactly sure how you’ll finally break free (free of sabotaging thoughts, free of physical aches and pains, free of societal rules and standards, and free of loneliness)...
You know starting your healing journey, finding your community, and tuning into your divine feminine magic is the only way to live the abundant, soul-led life you were destined for.

I see you..
I stand for you.

And if you’re still waiting for a sign to act... 
Well, love, this is it.

Let me know if this resonates with you...

(You were meant for so much more)

I dare you to stop making space for lackluster in your life

Hello Beautiful!

Embodiment + Self-Love Coach, Feminine Energetics Expert, and World-Class Bliss Builder (I don’t lift weights, just women)

As an embodiment and self-love coach, I use transformational, trauma-informed coaching to uplift and empower women like you to reclaim their magic through manifestation and oh-so juicy pleasure.

With my certification in both Femme! and S Factor, I support you as you conquer the darkness of your past to uncover your deepest truth and learn how to tap into your feminine energy so you can live as the radiant, prosperous woman you were born to be.

To do this, I use my experience in trauma-informed coaching and my signature Magnetic Embodied Method to support my clients through the embodiment of full mind, body, soul bliss.

Welcome! I'm

→ Dive deeper into feeling safe in their bodies, allowing their emotions to flow. so
→ Shift stuck and stagnant energy to transform it into their feminine power.
→ Live a life of true authenticity. 
→ Manifest their desires both personally and professionally.
→ Create everyday practices and ritual that feel nourishing to the soul.
→ Live a juicy, pleasure-filled life!

The Result?

Since working together, my clients have been able to…

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"You're not good enough.

Oh, and that top is NOT flattering on you..."

- Your brain BEFORE reclaiming your magic through self-love coaching.

"Sorry - can't hear you over the fierceness of my
divine feminine and all-encompassing gratitude!

And have I told you how damn good you look today (and always)??!"

- Your mind, body and soul AFTER uncovering deep self-love and the power of pleasure.

Tap Into Your Feminine Energy + Activate your Greatest Essence with Embodiment + Self-Love Coaching


Reclaim Your Radiance VIP Coaching

Reclaim Your Radiance VIP Coaching

Experience the divine freedom you’ve always been destined for in the most delicious ways with personalized guidance and support in your healing journey.


Radiant AF! Sisterhood Experience

Radiant AF! Sisterhood Experience

Open yourself up to your most inspired, soul-led life while growing within a group of like-minded sisters.


Manifestation Clear Intensive

Manifestation Clear Intensive

Cleanse your chakras, pinpoint wounds at the root cause, and walk away with a clear and actionable path to your most empowered transformation.


Self-Love Retreats


Nourish, heal, and transform your energy as you return to the true essence of your feminine being.


If you’re feeling the intuitive nudge to take a leap into your next level, let’s connect during a Discovery Session! 

We’ll use these 60 minutes to uncover the next steps to living your most authentic and aligned life.

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Note: While I do take a deposit for a no-showfee, if you show up to the call, you’ll get your full $50 back!

"Megumi is such a powerhouse. Her connection to her wisdom and what is in her client's highest good really allows for deep transformation to occur. It was such a pleasure to work with Megumi to dive deeper into feeling safety in my feminine power. I saw how the strength of the feminine showed up in my personal and professional life so easily and with flow."

–Manpreet Dhillon 


Reinvigorate your senses and let yourself be captivated by your ability to create full-body and soul bliss with nothing but your being.

Pleasure is Your Birthright!


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