Unravel the layers of your empowered self and Magnetize what's destined for you

By taking this quiz, you’ll be answering the call to leverage your highest potential by uncovering the gifts of your distinct archetype

Without understanding your unique archetype, you might be missing the key to unlocking your fullest potential.

As the ambitious, go-getter woman you’ve always been, you've embarked on a journey of self-discovery because you're determined to reveal your truest self. But how can you guide your dream life to realize its highest timeline if you’re not living in alignment with your distinct archetype?  

By making the first move of leaning more into what makes you radiant, this quiz is your compass for navigating the energies that shape your journey toward fulfillment, power, and abundance. This is meant to be your starting point as you dive further into your journey of healing, empowerment, and letting your authentic self run free. 

It's not just about self-discovery, it's about creating a life that authentically aligns with your highest being and fostering meaningful connections with those who share and resonate with your empowered energy.

Are you ready to start magnetizing your life by taking this next step toward radiant transformation?

By answering these questions, you will...

→ Unlock ease and flow in your life by harnessing your archetype's gifts to attract what's meant for you, while breaking free from the hustle culture trapping you in survival mode

Discover your Magnetically Embodied Woman archetype and transform your self-discovery from questioning to empowered authenticity.

→ Explore your shadow side to release what isn't serving you as you experience breakthroughs that propel you toward the life of your dreams

→ Learn how to take personal responsibility for what’s gotten you this far while learning your next steps in fulfilling your greater purpose from a place of radical empowerment 

Are you ready to embrace what makes you truly powerful? 

Your transformation is calling your name. 

Much like you, I’ve always had that innate curiosity to explore the unconscious world that lives in us all. 

As your devoted guide in the journey of embracing your magnificence through self-love and embodiment practices, I specialize in empowering women to feel liberated and confident in their femininity. Leveraging the transformative potential of mind, body, and soul, I equip women with the tools and wisdom to embark on a journey of self-discovery and ultimate fulfillment.

Hi, love. I’m Megumi.

Feminine Embodiment & Self-Love Mentor

I’m committed to supporting and championing you as you accept the shadows of your past, reveal your deepest truths, recalibrate your body's capacity to receive more of whatever your heart desires, and cultivate love for the woman you are today and the woman you are destined to become. Together, we’ll navigate the process of shedding what no longer serves you, rewriting narratives that have confined you to a mold that was never yours to conform to.

Our collaboration will show you this divine truth: When you allow yourself to be in tune with your highest frequency of joy, fulfillment, and passion, you can magnetize what you truly desire without having to work so hard to get it.

You deserve it all—all you have to do is say ‘yes’ to receiving it.

My mission is to guide incredible women like you on a transformative journey of reclaiming your magic and manifesting a life filled to the brim with oh-so-juicy pleasure.