for women with a self-care cup to fill and a purpose-fueled flame to ignite

Self-Love & Embodiment Coach

Pleasure* (noun):

1 | to experience a state of full mind, body, and soul bliss.
 example: A life fueled by passion and pleasure is every woman’s

2 | a self-love practice with benefits applicable to every aspect of life.
 example: Once Madeline started to make pleasure a priority in her life, she became one not only with her body but with the universe. 

3 | honoring ALL emotions (even the not-so-nice ones) to the fullest expression of this entire human experience.   

*Brought to you by the Encyclopedia of Megumi’s Mind

Okay, but...

As an embodiment and self-love coach, I get to support women in manifesting what they want through PLEASURE.
Now, before we dive any deeper, let’s get this one thing straight—when I say, “pleasure,” I’m NOT just talking about Sexy Town.
Don’t get me wrong—I fully encourage you to visit Sexy Town as often as you like (ALL forms of pleasure are your birthright!), but there is more to it... 

what does “self-love + embodiment coach” really mean?

There’s no one like you on this earth that can shine that light so muthaf*ckin’ bright...

When a woman is aglow in her feminine energy, she attracts. 
She manifests. 
She draws to her what she needs. And what she desires.

But let’s be real—living as your most authentic self can be freaking hard! It requires you to reinvent and play in the face of your biggest, most stubborn blocks.
It’s riddled with vulnerability, trauma, exposure, and conscious work to heal your inner child.
And, sometimes, it’s a roller coaster ride you just don’t wanna be on.
But the good news is, you don’t have to do it alone.

Self-Love + Embodiment Coach, Feminine Energetics Expert, and Women’s Pleasure Priestess

My wild and passionate soul has led me to devote my life to being a feminine movement maven and a soul activator for women who deeply want to feel empowered and free in their femininity.

This is what I truly love, and I’m so unbelievably grateful to get to support women on their journeys to deeper pleasure and reclaiming their magic.

Because while the mind is so powerful and can play dark tricks on each and every one of us, the fact is…

It is your birthright to feel the joys of life living your authentic truth and experiencing body, mind, and soul pleasure while doing it.
You’re here on this earth to be magnetic and soulfully connected to this planet. That’s your purpose. 

As an embodied lightworker and self-love + embodiment coach with an extensive mystical toolbelt, I help women break through their trials, trauma, and lack of clarity through... 
• Feminine embodied movement practices
• Human design
• Intuitive readings
• Emotional release work

Together, we will conquer the darkness of your past to uncover your deepest truth as the radiant, prosperous woman you were born to be.

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Certified and Licensed S Factor Instructor 



Spiral Practitioner

When women truly connect to their bodies, they can fully access this power—allowing them to radiate authentic confidence, purposeful empowerment, and embodied femininity throughout the world.

I believe all women have a deep, passionate desire that lives inside of them, waiting to be unleashed.

How We Got Here...

That’s how I feel about the hardships and struggles I have faced throughout my life. 
Because they have taught me to become resilient and a leader. It has all been for me.
Through the dark (not always pleasant) depths of facing pain such as abandonment, shame, fear, rejection, I have come out on the other side. Here, I have found joy, wonder, gratitude, freedom, courage, and connection.  
When I lean into my joy, my passion, and my authenticity, everything is possible. 
And my greatest passion is helping other women do the same.

Fun Facts

→ The name Megumi means “from the heart” in Japanese—this is a mantra I am committed to living by!

→ Orcas and horses are my favorite animals. I've been kissed by an Orca, and I've swam with horses in the Jamaican waters. 

→ I'm obsessed with dill pickles, and the moment I found dill pickle potato chips, it was a match made in Heaven! 




The Magnetic Embodied Method (M.E.)

Hundreds of Women’s Path to Pleasure

We start by uncovering what’s holding you back from your most abundant life mentally and emotionally.

Then, we release and deconstruct the patterns and limiting beliefs that have been acting as barriers between you and your innate power + intuition.

With what our mind has given us, we’ll be able to tune into our body’s wisdom.

During this stage, we’ll use TRE, S Factor, Femme!, and practices to live an embodied life through the senses to start exploring fulfilling experiences in every aspect of your life.

Lastly, we’ll light up your soul by connecting you to your purpose and your feminine self.

To do this, we’ll use ritual work and nourishing self-care practices. 

M.E. In Action


Trauma-informed embodiment + self-love coach for women who are ready to rid their lives of mediocrity + step into their
divine feminine magic.


"Megumi is such a powerhouse. Her connection to her wisdom and what is in her client's highest good really allows for deep transformation to occur. It was such a pleasure to work with Megumi to dive deeper into feeling safety in my feminine power. I saw how the strength of the feminine showed up in my personal and professional life so easily and with flow."

–Manpreet Dhillon 


With Hip Swirling Love + Magic,

A message from Megumi...

You have this beautifully wise soul living in this sacred, feminine body of yours that gets to experience life to the fullest.
I have been blessed with some of the most amazing experiences when I leaned in and uncovered the many masks which held me back from my life’s purpose. 
You can have this too! I believe in you.
Your power lies deep within the magic that exists inside of you. It’s about owning your radiance and letting it call in what’s possible for you.
I invite you to peel back the layers and allow yourself to be who you came here to be!

What you dream and believe, you can achieve. 
Through committed consistency and transformational work, you can live life as your greatest self. 
Because pleasure is your birthright!



I invite you to embrace the intuitive leader you were born to be.