I am a woman’s empowerment light worker, guiding you to your best lived life through your mind, body, heart and soul. I believe it is your birthright to feel the JOY’S of life living in your authentic truth and all the while creating deeper pleasure with yourself while doing it!


I am a JOYFUL, PASSIONATE, AUTHENTIC leader! I am a Divine, magical, embodied light-worker here to guide you to your authentic truth!

Megumi is a soul well beyond her 29 years on this planet. She comes with wisdom, compassion and understanding as she has experienced so much so far in this lifetime. It is her greatest passion and purpose in life to help all women she encounters to feel empowered, loved, and seen for the true embodiment of their feminine selves. Megumi teaches two feminine movement practices that help women cultivate a more full and embodied life, S Factor and Femme!. As a certified S Factor Instructor, she helps guide women in discovering their erotic truth all the while teaching a fun, sexy and sensual workout. As a Femme! Attuned Teacher, she is a guide in helping women move their stuck emotions through the body allowing them to be wild, primal and raw. It brings her great pleasure to help women discover their truth so that they can be wide, open and connected to keep their desires burning strong.

Certified and Licensed S Factor Instructor 



When you are tapped into the Source of life, you get to be the heroine of your life’s journey. You are here to be magnetic and soul connected to this planet because it is your purpose.

I am passionate in uncovering the patterns and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck from living your most authentic truth. I teach women how to be one with their bodies and The Universe to create a magical, abundant life. I am here to guide you to finding your own innate power and intuition.

I BELIEVE that magic is all around us!

"Megumi is such a powerhouse. Her connection to her wisdom and what is in her client's highest good really allows for deep transformation to occur. It was such a pleasure to work with Megumi to dive deeper into feeling safety in my feminine power. I saw how the strength of the feminine showed up in my personal and professional life so easily and with flow."

–Manpreet Dhillon 


I have had my fair share of struggle and hardship over the course of my life. Through all the hardship and struggle I have faced, I have learned how to be resilient and a leader. I dived deep into the pain of my past to come back with the lessons and the truths of life. I have learned that life is this big pendulum swing, you cannot know one without the other. Through the depths of facing pain like abandonment, shame, fear, rejection, I have come out on the other side feeling joy, wonder, gratitude, courage and connection.  
When I lean into my joy, my passion and my authenticity, everything is possible. My teachings impact the world because I believe we all get to show up authentically in our light and purpose on this planet. 
I’ve become a free, loving spirit who believes in the magic. What you dream and believe you can have; it can be achieved. Through hard transformational work, you can live life as your greatest self. I have been blessed with some of the most amazing experiences of my life by leaning in uncovering the masks that have held me back and started leading a life in following my purpose. You can have this too!

I've had my fair share of struggle...

I am eclectic in all that I have learned over my lifetime to be the empowerment light worker that I am today. I use many different tools to get you out of your own story that is holding you back from being in your authenticity. I offer connection to your mind, body, heart and soul to guide you back to the path of honoring your truest self. Allowing me to be your cheerleader guides you to your best lived life!

To the women with wonder, wanting to expand their knowledge. To the women looking to understand their purpose in life. To the women looking for a way to be connected to more magic. Akashic Record Readings, Human Design Analysis, Charts Moon Magic classes, and more.


To the women warriors and stigma shifters. To the activists who want to make a difference in the world. To the women who know that to be embodied is to be empowered. 


To the women who are ready to break through your chains and step into your personal power through movement. S Factor® and Femme! Experiences® help you connect your body and access your inner and outer freedom.